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Welcome!  We are glad you have come to our website.  To start, we would like to share a little history of how Terrapin Creek Lodge came to be.

In July 2005, during a family reunion in northern Alabama, the Bragg family first saw the house and 5 acres on Terrapin Creek we now call Terrapin Creek Lodge.  Because we thought the property was unique and beautiful, we began pursuing its purchase as a vacation home for family reunions and holidays.  Through various twists and turns, we were finally able to obtain it in September 2007.  

At the time of purchase, the house needed extensive work and the cabins (and bathhouse) needed completion.  We lovingly renovated the property with quality and warmth as a place where we wanted to live.  We used natural materials and handmade furnishings whenever possible.

During construction, we were constantly told: “This would be a great place for a reunion, family vacation, church camp or wedding.” “This is a beautiful and peaceful place, will you rent it?” “This is such a warm and beautiful place – the handwork of God is everywhere.” It seemed that friends, neighbors and almost everyone we met asked to use it.

During the renovation, we let family, friends, and our family’s church use it.  The overwhelming, positive feedback has convinced us that it is a place to be shared.  Consequently, it is being made available for individuals, groups, families, businesses, churches and others who we hope will appreciate and care for it as we do.   


The Bragg Family