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Rates*   The costs (plus applicable taxes & fees) are:


One Day Main Lodge Event ** (non holiday or wedding)

Mon – Wed    Half Day
Thurs – Sun    Full Day
Sun     Half Day/after 2 pm


Main Lodge Event or Wedding with Overnight Main Lodge Lodging*** (non holiday)
Event or Wedding with Two Nights Lodging
Event or Wedding with Three Nights Lodging
Event or Wedding with Four Nights Lodging
Holiday Parties ** (after Thanksgiving & before Jan. 5, non-holiday or wedding)
Mon - Wed 5 hrs
Thurs - Sun 5 hrs

LODGING (2 night min./ 3 night holiday min; non holiday, event or wedding)

General Lodging

Main Lodge (sleeps 10-12)

Five Sleeping Cabins w/ Bathhouse (sleeps 5 each / 25 total)
Cabin 1, 2 or 3 (A/C & Heated) 
Cabin 1, 2 or 3 (A/C & Heated)  w/ Main Lodge rental
Cabin 4 or 5

All Five Cabins
All Five Cabins w/ Main Lodge rental

Entire Property - Main Lodge + All Five Cabins (sleeps 37)

$395 night
$435 night (holidays)

$ 75 night
$ 70 night
$ 65 night

$355 night
$340 night

$735 night
$775 night (holidays)

Multiple Night Lodging Specials (year round)
  3 Nights Main Lodge (sleeps 10-12)
3 Nights Main Lodge + Five Cabins (sleeps 37) 

5 Nights Main Lodge (sleeps 10-12)
5 Nights Main Lodge + Five Cabins (sleeps 37)

7 Nights Main Lodge (sleeps 10-12, arriving Sun - Fri.)
7 Nights Main Lodge + Five Cabins (sleeps 37, arriving Sun - Fri.)

$ 995    (save $190)
$1850  (save $355)

$1625   (save $350)
$2975   (save $700)

$2075   (save $690)
$3950   (save $1195)

Off Peak Weekday Main Lodge Specials for 2-4 people (Sept - April, non holiday, event or wedding)
  2 -3 Nights   Mon-Wed
$175 night ($25/night each additional
person over 4

Reservation Requests:  To make a reservation, you can go to our Online Reservation Request Form, contact us by phone at 918.607.6881, by email or download and mail us the Reservation Request Form. Before you seek a reservation, please read the reservation and cancellation policies below.

Check-In & Out:  For one day events, check-in and check-out times are flexible and to be determined upon booking.  For overnight lodging, check-in is 3-6 pm and check-out is 10 a.m.  Early check-in or late check-out may be available for an additional fee. 

Credit Cards:  Major credit cards welcome. 

Reservation Policy:  Guests may rent the Main Lodge only (sleeps 10-12), the Main Lodge and 1-5 cabins (each cabin sleeps 5 for 25 total), or the Entire Property - Main Lodge and all 5 cabins (sleeps 37l).  For overnight lodging, a 2 night minimum stay (3 nights for holidays) is required.  To make a reservation, a 50% deposit is required.  Until receipt of the deposit, the dates requested are available to others for booking.  Payment in full is due 30 days before check-in and if not timely paid in full, the reservation will be cancelled without further notice or refund of amounts paid.

A Main Lodge reservation is for the Main Lodge only (not the entire property or exclusive use of the property).  Main Lodge with Exclusive Use means the Main Lodge only is being rented with the other facilities on the property (i.e. cabins, bathhouse & backside fireplace) blocked out from rental by others.  One Day Main Lodge Event includes use of the public outdoor and indoor spaces in & around the Main Lodge (not bedrooms, cabins or bathhouse). An Event is 15 or more people.

Cancellation Policy:  Since we are off the beaten path, have numerous requests for use and do not have walk-ins, cancellations affect us greatly.  Therefore, your deposit will be refunded if we receive notice of cancellation at least 60 days prior to your planned arrival date.  After that, we regret a refund is not possible regardless of the reason.  The same policy applies to a no show or early departure.  TCL reserves the right to refund a reservation and deposit with 60 days notice.

Tours by Appointment Only:  TCL is private property and has guests year round.  Please be considerate of other guests by only going to the property AFTER scheduling an appointment. AND being accompanied by lodge personnel.  Please do NOT go to the property without an appointment or without being accompanied.  Please inform all participants in your reservation or event that if they need to see the lodge, they  must accompany you at your scheduled appointment time. 

Catering:  Catering is available by reservation from caterers in the area. A list of caterers can be provided. .

Damage, Loss & Excessive Clean-Up:  Guests are asked to use care not to damage TCL property.   If damage or loss occurs or if excessive clean-up is required, the persons making the reservation and event hosts will be held responsible, including being responsible for all actions of their guests.  The damage deposit will be returned when housekeeping has completed clean up and found no damage or loss and that excessive clean up was not required.  Any damage, loss or excessive clean-up will be first offset against the damage deposit.

Furniture & Furnishings Not To Be Moved:  Because of wear and tear and potential for damage or loss, all furniture and furnishings must be maintained in their original locations at check-in.  All (outdoor & indoor) furniture and furnishings may NOT be moved without prior permission.   If any furniture or furnishing is desired to be moved, there must be a request to do so and approval.  When approved, the persons responsible for the reservation and event hosts are responsible for returning anything moved to its original location without damage or loss.   Furnishings include all bedding and linens which are not to be moved from the Main Lodge to the cabins.   Anything moved without permission will fall under the damage, loss & excessive clean-up paragraph above.

Smoking:  Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings.  If smoking occurs outdoors, please encourage all guests to use the containers provided for cigarette disposal (not on the grounds or in the flower pots).

Fireworks, Firearms & Pets:  TCL is a no fireworks, no firearms & no pets or animals of any kind facility.  If any of these are brought onto the property by the person making the reservation, their guest OR anyone else, everyone on the property will be immediately asked to leave the property and any rental amounts and damage deposit paid will be forfeited.   Additionally, an excessive clean-up fee will be charged when any pet or animal is brought onto the property.

Fireplaces: Fireplaces should be used with care and proper safety procedures.  Children should not be left around a fire unattended by a responsible, supervising adult.  A set up of firewood is provided with Main Lodge rental October- March.  Additional wood can be provided for a fee. Guests may  bring their own firewood.

Outdoor Grill:  If moved, guests are asked to return it to its location under the porte-cochere.

Services:  Rental includes a one-time linen, towel, paper and kitchen cleaning products set up. Housekeeping is not provided. 

Responsibility:  Person(s) responsible for a reservation agree they are solely responsible for themselves, their guests and all persons on the property during their stay, and agree TCL, its owner and representatives are not responsible or liable in any way for any accident or  injury to any guest or person on the property or for any loss or damage to anyone's property or belongings.

Behavior & Falsified Reservations:  Violations of law or loud, disruptive or disrespectful behavior is unacceptable and will result in immediate removal of everyone from the property with forfeiture of all amounts paid and deposited.  Any reservation obtained with any false information or under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all amounts paid and deposited and the party will not be permitted to check-in or if already checked-in, will be removed.

*    Does not include taxes, cleaning fee, $100 early check-in or late check-out fee or damage deposit.
**  Use of Main Lodge public outdoor & indoor spaces (not Main Lodge bedrooms, cabins or bathhouse), non holiday rates
*** Event is 15 or more people

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